A view from space of the  new ViaSat-3 constellation bringing high-speed, global connetiivity to people and places around the world

Unlocking opportunity for everyone, everything, everywhere

Viasat is proud to be one of Via Satellite's 2022 hottest companies in satellite

Viasat is at the forefront of space companies

Every day, Viasat is transforming business, life, and leisure for our customers — and the world — with a next-generation satellite constellation and ground network that delivers:

  • High capacity connectivity. Our GEO constellation has the highest capacity satellites in the world, for unparalelled bandwidth productivity
  • Affordable broadband.  By creating capacity for a low cost per bit,  we can deliver  high-quality broadband solutions that help connect the world's hardest to reach places — affordably
  • Flexibility. Our satellite constellation and ground network can dynamically shift capacity — bringing supply to where the demand is greatest
  • Space safety. Viasat is commited to meeting and exceeding critical space safety measures
A connected earth, viewed from space

We're driven by a relentless desire to always find a better way

At Viasat, we work as one team to tackle some of the world's hardest challenges — because we believe the work we do is critically important to helping people, businesses, and governments around the globe unlock new opportunities. We are here to push the limits of what's possible, and change where and how the world connects and communicates.

A picture of space and the stars in the night sky

Connecting the world. Responsibly.

Viasat is making connectivity more accessible, available, and affordable for everyone. And we're doing it in a way that's responsible, sustainable, and inclusive — to benefit people and the planet alike.

A picture of planet earth from space

Learn more about our space systems technologies

  • GEO satellite systems
    GEO satellites

    Our next-gen geostationary broadband satellite power Viasat’s most advanced satellite internet network

  • LEO satellite systems
    Low earth orbit (LEO) and small satellites

    Viasat's innovative, low-earth orbit small satellites help secure government communications

  • satellite systems antenna
    Ground networks

    Our  integrated ground systems deliver high-quality broadband internet experiences around the world

  • Intersatellite comms

    See how we’re leveraging intersatellite communications to help improve latency issues and more